Created in the tradition of the 19th-century literary salons of Paris, New York, Prague, and Edinburgh, the Highland Literary Salon brings people together to discuss books, ideas, writing, and all things literary.

Our events feature authors, publishers, agents, and others in the publishing realm who come along to discuss their work and answer your questions.

Glen Mhor Hotel - Inverness

Where are salons held?

Salons are usually held on the third Tuesday of every month at the Glen Mhor hotel in Inverness - the map on the upcoming salons page shows where.

The next salon event is listed below along with date, time and any workshop information.

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If you've never been to one of our salons but would like to attend, please just come along - there is absolutely NO need to book or ask permission - we'll be delighted to welcome you!

The only things which need to be booked ahead of time are our fantastic workshops, but you can book those online. Just have a look at the details of the salon in which your desired workshop is being held, and you'll be able to book from there.

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Next salon event:

David Hewson David Hewson
Date: 20 May 2014

Time: 7:30pm

Salon Guest: David Hewson

Venue: Glen Mhor Hotel, Inverness

Details: David Hewson – location, location, location


David Hewson is originally from Yorkshire and is the author of more than 20 books including the acclaimed adaptations of The Killing. The topic of the evening is location, location, location. How do authors pick the places where their books are set? David, who has written 12 books set in Italy as well as the Copenhagen-based The Killing series, explains how he came to choose Amsterdam as the world for his new series of books featuring the local detective Pieter Vos, launched with THE HOUSE OF DOLLS in April 2014. Should you write what you know? Or venture to pastures new? A whirlwind guide to the world of Pieter Vos, who lives in a barge in the local Amsterdam area of the Jordaan -- and a look beneath the surface of creating a new crime series.

Workshop at 6pm - Under the bonnet of the novel.
David takes the lid off the writing process, showing how he researches, develops, writes, edits and revises a manuscript from beginning to end. All the tricks of the trade revealed in an hour – well, a lot of them anyway. With real manuscripts on show so you can see how things work.