Created in the tradition of the 19th-century literary salons of Paris, New York, Prague, and Edinburgh, the Highland Literary Salon brings people together to discuss books, ideas, writing, and all things literary.

Our events feature authors, publishers, agents, and others in the publishing realm who come along to discuss their work and answer your questions.

Glen Mhor Hotel - Inverness

Where are salons held?

Salons are usually held on the third Tuesday of every month at the Glen Mhor hotel in Inverness - the map on the upcoming salons page shows where.

The next salon event is listed below along with date, time and any workshop information.

Everyone is welcome!

If you've never been to one of our salons but would like to attend, please just come along - there is absolutely NO need to book or ask permission - we'll be delighted to welcome you!

The only things which need to be booked ahead of time are our fantastic workshops. As the Highland Literary Salon is now a membership organisation, in order to benefit from the great deal which our workshops represent, you have to join to attend, but this can be done easily online. Just have a look at the details of the salon in which your desired workshop is being held, and you'll be able to book from there.

Please note, that if you do not book a workshop in advance and just turn up on the night, you may not be allowed to participate (as there are limits on attendance) but if you are allowed to participate, you will be charged £15 regardless of your membership status.

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Next salon event:

Allan Guthrie
Date: 25 November 2014

Time: 7pm

Salon Guest: Allan Guthrie

Venue: Glen Mhor Hotel, Inverness

Details: At the November salon, we have renowned author and literary agent Allan Guthrie as our guest, but this will be an evening with a difference. We are inviting you to pitch your story idea to Allan and then receive his feedback, as well as feedback from the audience where time allows. The format will be that you will pitch for a maximum of three minutes, Allan will then feedback for a maximum of six minutes, during which he may or may not ask the audience's opinion and we will then begin again, letting another person pitch. Each part will be strictly timed so that we don't overrun. Each section will have a 30 second warning before ending.

We will have eight places only, and they MUST be pre-booked WITHOUT exception. If you would like to book a place, please contact us at this email address:

You should provide your name and contact details and attach the item you wish to read to this email. We MUST receive all entries by 15 November at the very outside. When providing your details, please provide your mobile number if at all possible, in case something happens on the night and we need to contact you quickly. ALL details held by the Highland Literary Salon are encrypted for security and will never be passed to anyone.